By: John Ternullo, REALTOR
The Ternullo Real Estate Team
RE/MAX Heritage. LLC

  1. LOUSY PICTURES- First impressions are everything! If you were dating online- wouldn?t you use a great picture that made you look attractive? Selling a home is no different! Today?s real estate buyers are always starting their search online. Within seconds potential buyers are making judgments about your home. Take your time, get the pictures right ? you only have one shot at a first impression.

  2. NOT BEING OBJECTIVE- This is a tough one. It?s always easy to pick apart the shortcomings of everyone else?s home- but what about our own? It?s where we spent countless hours making it our own, where our children were raised, and where cherished memories were made- so we all have an emotional attachment. While keeping that in mind, take a look at your home with a new set of eyes, and ask yourself, how will it (really) look to a buyer? How will a buyer (really) compare it to the competition? Top Mistakes Sellers Make

  3. UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS- We all want to sell our home for the most amount of money possible.. At any given time however, the market will bear a particular price range for a home. Knowing the correct price range and adjusting your marketing accordingly will give you the best possible chance to sell at the top of that range. Unrealistic list prices only add additional market time, stress, frustration, and most often results in a lower sales price. Ask your Realtor to not only see comparable homes that have recently sold , but also ask to take a look at market conditions and trends.

  4. NOT BEING PREPARED Cleaning before showings and accommodating buyers schedules is both an inconvenience and hard work. However it is always worth the extra effort to clean, de-clutter, paint, repair and stage your home before listing it. Doing so will not only attract higher offers, but will reduce market time and frustration, Many sellers make the mistake of making repairs and preparations after languishing on the market only to finally sell at a lower price with double the stress.- Do it right the first time!

  5. HIRING THE WRONG AGENT- Imagine going to your accountant and not finding out about your tax liability because he was afraid to deliver the bad news??? Most sellers are looking for real estate professionals to offer guidance and expert advice, but yet so many real estate agents take direction from their sellers instead. Many sellers initially pick a ?yes? real estate agent that tells them what we want to hear- only to be disappointed later on? In this challenging real estate market, look for some one to go beyond just listing your home and that will offer sound advice as well as a strong marketing campaign. Don?t be afraid to ask questions. Check references. Always ask yourself ?Does that make sense?

  6. NOT SEEING THE OTHER SIDE- Professional athletes do it. Business? do it, Politicians do it.. They all analyze their opponents for the greatest chance for success. Don?t think like a seller- think like a buyer? (What would YOU do if YOU were buying a home like yours?) Knowing how buyers will think, react and respond will give you the best chance of strategizing for success!

  7. MISSED OPPORUNITIES- The best chance of receiving decent offers are usually early on the listing cycle. In hindsight, many sellers wished they never gave up negotiating and took an offer more seriously. They expected higher offers to come but instead found themselves months later having difficulty selling at an asking price below the original offer.